Friday, 29 June 2012


Hey all

Its Friday again! Yay!!!
 Lately i get particularly excited when its approaching the weekend.
Maybe its the stress of work and my body's needs a vacation.
Maybe its my body silently craving for a change. 
Maybe its just the fact that i can decide to stay indoors and not feel guilty.
Maybe i'm a little lazy....

Usually i read about 4 books simultaneously.

Number 1 book is what i call my Spiritual Fiesta. Aside from my bible, i'm currently reading "The Purpose Driven Life" (the book on the right hand side of this page). Its a must-read for any body that believes in God. May share some stuff on the book when i'm done.

My number 2 book is always in the toilet. This i call Loo Aider. It used to be fashion or gossip magazine but presently its a book on 1000 jokes. Sometimes it makes me stay in the toilet longer than planned and then have to rush so i don't get late to work.

Number 3 book is usually under my pillow, i call this my Midnight Dose. Years ago, i was a die-hard novel fan; i can stay up all night reading (not school book then o!). This can range from romance, crime, biographies and sci-fiction. The last couple of years i enjoyed some books written by Nigerian writers; Chimamanda AdichieMyne WhitmanSefi Atta and Jude Dibia just to mention a few. Lately its romance novels again, Yes oooo, i do that too! A girl can occasionally indulge nau. Older now and  can barely stay up couple of hours before drifting off to dreamland. Maybe Atilola's  book will be my next midnight tonic. 

Now the gist is about my number 4 book; the book presently in my handbag, i call this my On-the-go Fix. The title is "The Art of Living Totally". When i flipped through the first few pages i was tempted to assume it's a waste of my time. But delving further revealed some expected basic truths (that i don't completely agree with).

The book suggests that there are some "Symptoms of Health"; which are:
  • Timely and sound sleep (at least 8 hours). according to the book, untimely sleeping such as siesta is unhealthy and a bad habit. The need for siesta is always due to excessive eating, badly digested book or both. (Tough one! I'm addicted to siestas on Sundays).

  • A healthy appetite. Feeling the pangs of hunger on a full stomach is unhealthy; to get rid of false hunger, drink water on feeling it. A healthy breakfast should favour elimination e.g fruits. A healthy lunch should favour digestion. There should naturally be only one major meal a day, savoury and varied. (One meal ke! Usually don't joke with my 3 square meal o.) A healthy dinner should favour assimilation, which really means there is no such thing as a healthy dinner. Nature would require that nothing should be taken before retiring ,or at most fluids( Haba! i will dream of food).The body takes about 3-6hours for digestion, more hours for assimilation before elimination. If a whole day passes without elimination, look into it at once (that means i'm abnormal  ke*covers face*)

  • Fitness such as brisk long-distance walking, jogging, cycling and swimming. Panting is a sign of unfitness. Fitness is a result of exercising the vascular and respiratory system rather than the muscles. Fitness should not be confused with strength or agility.

  • Healthy skin is clean, moist, odourless and able to heal wounds fast.

  • Healthy elimination of solid waste which should be consistent and odourless. (So smelly shit is abnormal?)

  • Regular and easy urination, which should be almost colourless and odourless.

  • Resistance to infection. A healthy body destroys germs of all types long before they get a chance to cause trouble.

After writing this post and making firm resolutions (firm small) to quit eating between meals my colleagues are trying to tempt me to eat corn. GET BEHIND ME........!!!!!!!

PS: I like my new colour purple, it looks regal right?


  1. Looolll. So have you finally started my book?

    1. Very soon my dear. This romantic novel is getting very interesting.

  2. Odour-less shit? I don't know about that one o

    1. I don't about it too. Some of these books can say some impossible things o.

  3. In other words, practically all of us are unhealthy...panting after exercise, odorless shit and 3 square meal...inshort, I reserve my comment.

    Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

    1. I wonder how some people can manage to "live healthy"

      Weekend is going well, though i wish monday is a public holiday. Hope yours is going well too.

  4. I am unhealthy o! as books no let us see road. I guess some time management would help me prioritise my life. I dont even have time to socialise.

    1. No be only you, i'm unhealthy too.Try create time to socialize, "All work and no play......"

  5. lool.... nice post..

    I have learnt few