Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I Got Tagged

OMG, I got tagged and forgot to post this. Thanks so much Okeoghene. I'm soooooo sorry this is late. But better late than never abi?

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11 Random Things

  • I love to read Karen Kingsbury's books. I feel like i'm part of the story and characters are my imaginary next door neighbors. 

  • I love music.

  • I was a good dancer, wonder where all that talent completely disappeared to.

  • Past horror movie lover. Some of the scenes are so foolish that my sis and i would laugh long and hard at the stupidity of it all. The addiction stopped after watching  "Exorcism of Emily Rose"-based on a true life story. For about 2 weeks after the movie, my eyes would snap open at exactly 3am *that was spooky*. Rarely watch horror flicks these days but occasionally can't resist "1000 Ways to Die" .

  • I like suya ( BBQ beef). I've been told numerous times that its unhealthy but i still indulge.

  • I come from a family of 7.

  • I'm about 5ft 9 inches tall.

  • I'm Deltan.

  • I love children; babies, toddlers, pre-teens. Don't plan to have more than 3 though.

  • I love God.

  • At last....... I feel emotionally drained after reading newspapers these days.

 Okeoghene's Q:

What is your middle name? Atary.

Favorite food? Presently, Rice.... rice....rice. It can be jollof rice, fried rice, white rice, coconut rice, Chinese fried rice, rice pudding, rice sha. I can eat rice so many times and won't get tired.

Favorite board game? Snake and Ladder. Tempted to say Chess but that tense me up.Snake and ladder is soooo relaxing, not much thinking involved (mostly a game of luck)

Favorite Nigerian musician?  Lemar, he's British-Nigerian, that's Nigerian now (was a little obsessed with his voice 5 years ago, bought all his cds).

Education or fame? Education please. In love with my privacy.

What grinds your gear? People who eat noisily with their mouth open.

Books or Movies? Books. I like to choose my own characters. Sometimes these directors never get it right.

Favorite movie?  Sound of Music. Old skool me.

Earth, Wind, Water and Fire? What describes you? Earth. I'm relatively cool headed.  Very practical and dependable. Don't like drama.

Legacy? What would you like to be remembered for? I want to leave behind a legacy of  love. I want to be remembered for loving and caring for people.

If you are not you, who would you like to be? Would be me over and over again. I love ME.

Don't intend to subject anybody to any late tags so will just skip this part


  1. 5"9" tall I miss Suya oh and I can't wait to eat the thing self. I gave up on watching horror films along time ago...nice to know more about you.

    1. The thot of suya makes me salivate now sef, been off it for about 6 months. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hey, hi5 on 1000 ways to die. It can be hilarious right?

    I used to be in lust with Lemar too. Haven't heard much about him lately though. Nice reading about you

    1. hi5 back! It can be very hilarious, so many people can't stand it. So i have a partner in crime here.
      Wonder where Lemar disappeared to, heard he has a child now. Fatherhood shouldn't be a end to his music career.

  3. Wow, you're quite tall, and you're from Delta too :)

    1. :) But most men get a little uncomfortable when they realize i'm taller, wonder why.

  4. i love sound of music...and dont worry jare...ure not old skool, the movie is a classic and i still watch it till date!!!

    1. lol.....Good to hear, thought i was alone in that.

  5. Wow, nice I like it.
    But I want to give somethings special, friend.
    Please try it.

  6. yea she iz frm delta...i once asked her but she dint reply....i feel sad.....n she replies evrycomment here so easily.............*sad* m I...

    1. Haba bros! I didn't see your question nau. Pls be generous enough to forgive :)

  7. hmm, nice to meetcha again! I can clearly relate with the Education question. Your middle name sounds nice. Dislike horror movies. They're actually like comedy sometimes.

    1. Thanks Michael. My middle name means Destiny, like the meaning too.