Friday, 6 July 2012

Ms Busy Bee

I am really thrilled another Friday is here again, now i'm confirming some form of trend. Sincerely hope "The Lazy Me" is not becoming a more dorminant personality. I'm particularly looking forward to this weekend cos i intend to stay on the bed till about 9:30am, i only get that luxury once in a while.

I've been meaning to drop a post here for a while but i always turn up with the excuse that i am very busy. To some friends i may sound like a broken record, i even sound like a broken record to myself.
Why didn't you call me? I've been busy
Why didn't you do this? I've been busy
Have you eaten? No, I've been busy
You've had that book for ages when will you finish reading it? I've been busy.
We've not see you in ages!  So sorry I've been busy
Haba! I'm not the only adult working, tis just poor time planning, plain and simple.
So making a firm resolution before going to bed to write out daily To-do list for the next day(and stick to it).
Today i resolve to change. Starting from now. Thank you, thank you very much, enough of the applause.

Lots of people have mentioned that when you're about to get married you'll get very interesting admirers (serious toasters). I'm always quick to say "Abeg! na today men dey toast! I know what i want and no amount of temptation can influence me".
Darling dearest is one of the best things in my life, he's my best friend and we talk about almost everything. My stance hasn't changed but i know that men get very attracted to happy and contented ladies and sometimes they want to tap from that happiness bug.

Last weekend, a close married friend called and she kept asking " What's the gist? Give me names of all the exciting men calling now" Not you too, i thought.
I've met so many willing attractive men in the past. Usually i'm sloooow  in developing emotional feelings. That doesn't mean i'm not passionate, just that over the years I've learnt to keep my overactive imagination and hormones in check.

So couple of days back, i got my first temptation. He's single, tall, dark and handsome....hehehehe. Una wan hear story abi?
We had a long conversation and i discovered we had some things in common. It was nice just chatting and he asked for a date; dinner or perhaps a drink. I had to immediately let him know i'm engaged and won't want him to misunderstand my friendly attitude.
Thought that was going through my mind was will i willingly permit darling dearest to go on a date with a very attractive friend in the name of friendship. If they're old friends, no problem. If its a work date, no problem. But if it can't be defined then best to be cautious.

In situations like this, is it best to 'gist  about other toasters' to one's partner?
Personally i feel too much emphasis shouldn't be placed on other toasters because your partner may either get jealous and a little insecure. But on the flip side, talking about it may nip the bud at any treacherous feelings.

Why does female/male seem more appealing when they're taken?

I was just wondering if there are people who still think in their mother's tongues. I was thinking yesterday when i realized that i was thinking in English. Some years ago i used to think in 'pidgin'. Wonder what language will be next, maybe French! So tell me, in what language do you think?


  1. umm...i think in english funny enough. you need to hear my mind sometimes. im sure you'll be like..."eyebrows raised..seriously..lool.'
    as for my mother tongue, i cant say for now...but perhaps remember later
    what i don't see u on my blog ooo..##are you that busy?'' i ask
    you reply.."as in, very busy.''LOL
    dont worry, just break that barrier by going there now...have a lovely weekend dear

    1. I've actually visited your blog so many times, i'll read at laugh hard, you'll see my handwriting there soon *winks*
      I particularly like your new look too, its like we're flowing on the same frequency.

    2. i think so tooo...#biggrin#
      and thanks...ave seen ur handiwork

  2. you are right. Discussing it will nip it in the bud

    1. I believe so too. Thanks dear for dropping by.

  3. Discuss is biko. I think I'm currently thinking in igbo lol

    Life can be soo busy sometimes. Just take note of ur time-wasters & skip them

    1. Its obvious you love your mama's tongue, i do too.

      Thanks for the advice. Will try do that.

    2. lool.... toin how can u think in ibo?? do u speak one.. lol oh

  4. you are so right. when i got engaged it was incredible how many guys all of a sudden wanted to call me up and ask me out for dinner, etc.

    um, excuse me?! what happened when i was single and wanted your attention. no sir, not happening.

    now that i am married and the men see that i am extremely happy, i don't get those phone calls anymore.

    i say, as long as these men know that you are not interested and only have eyes for your fiance then they will leave it be. don't leave the door open for any room for them to question whether you are truly happy with your fiance or not.

    thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving sweet comments. they make me smile!

    have the best day.

  5. lol dunno wat to m d yongest here or so...well wishin u all a nyc weekend!@ Atary..n tnx for d ff bck on twitter...hopin to get ur fb id if possible....tnx

  6. Good luck with your guy!!

    Check me out, follow back? My Fashion/DIY/HOW-TO/ADVICE/TIPS & TRICKS MAGAZINE BLOG

    xoxo =)

  7. I think in English but throw in some pidgin, hausa or Tiv when i'm having a fight with someone in my head *covers face in shame*

    Guys are just ridiculously funny, i know girls do it sometimes too but the hopeless chase from guys is something i will never understand. Maybe they get so sort of thrill from the 1% that maybe the girl will leave her man for them, na dem sabi sha.

    Good to know you're happy, God bless you :*

  8. Thanks for dropping by my blog :o)

    Nip it in the bud please. My people say, what you do not intend to eat, do not place it under your nose in the name of smelling it.

    I often think (and tweet) in my mother tongue.

  9. talking about everything helps. I think, talk and murmur to myself in English.

  10. It's good to discuss it but in a way that'll seem open and honest.