Friday, 31 August 2012

Miniature adults everywhere

The way parents dress their young ones these days is gradually becoming cause for concern.
I understand wanting our female daughter to look pretty and chic.
I understand keeping up with latest trend  in fashion.
What i don't understand or find difficult to tolerate is young female scantily dressed in very revealing outfits, forcing them to become miniature adults.
Some parents dress their children irresponsibly in the name of fashion and expect them to dress responsibly when they grow up. That's not gonna happen. If you start at a tender age to dress them scantily, when they grow up they become Lady Gaga (pardon me Gaga's fans).
It all starts from the home, parents have a lot of role to play in this.

Children are on summer break so get to see all sorts. Go into any shopping mall or cinema these days and you'll be amazed at what they wear out. Teenagers in ridiculously short skirts and dresses are at every corner.
There's this 9 year old female that stays on my close, she's always dressed in micro mini-skirts and very indecent short knickers. She walks down the road and we are all forced to stare. Its not just her legs we're staring at, neither is it the confidence she exudes. Its the blatant seductiveness and sensuality in her stride. The other day, i caught her winking at a male teenager and had to blink to be sure i saw right. Does she understand the "game" she's playing?

There has been numerous stories in the past of child molestation. I can be very passionate about issues pertaining to sexual abuse particularly when it is committed by family members or people is the child's circle of trust. The blame goes primarily to the molesters but parents have a role to play in the way they clothe their wards. Stories are coming up daily of fathers sexually assaulting their children. We constantly hear of houseboys and relatives violating young ones, lots of pedophiles out there. Often times these children are innocent and may be unaware of the damage done to them.
We regularly hear that men are turned on by what they see; women by what they hear. Some men even get turned on for no excuse at all. Why don't we help these men; why constantly get them excited. Not just the adult females that are guilty of this, some of our "innocent" children are too. 

A close friend that works at a General Hospital told me few days back about his 3 year old  female patient. The mother complained that the toddler has itchy vagina. She assumed maybe sand got into the panties when she was playing during the summer class, or her daughter has very sensitive skin and reacting to the toiletries.
On examination, the mother wept profusely and started raining curses when she was told the state of her young child sexual health. I'm not gonna bore you with the details, but the doctor discovered that it was repeated sexual abuse. My heart weeps for her and for all other young children that has ever been violated.

If we're not careful this is what we'll see in our shopping malls/cinemas 2020.

TGIF! Fridays are gradually becoming my best day of the week.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Nooddles Night

Smoky hot!!!! It was delicious too...... You like?

Random Post/ Joined for Life

There is absolutely no excuse this time for my display of laziness last couple of weeks. No time to post or even check on my frequent bloggers. Struggling with this weakness. God help me.

How have y'all been? Got some sort of promotion at work. Promotion in job description/title, hope it comes with the financial benefits soon. So a little stressful joggling with the added 'new' responsibilities. Its a wonderful challenge and an interesting learning process.

Olympics has come and gone. I won't even bother to comment on our performance cos i decided to cut down on my criticism. New mantra is "Praise more...... Fault less". (But we no try sha.)
Beautiful games, lovely performances. Those athletes made me wonder why i didn't consider a career in sports. They made it seem so easy. Imagine jumping a 2M pole!!!........ Or running 100 meters in 9.63 like my brother Bolt (we actually have a striking resemblance believe me).

Was going through a newspaper a couple of days back and saw a picture of this wonderful conjoined twins

Abby and Brittany Hensel

Getting their driver's license

From the article, they are quite popular and was previously on Oprah's show years back. Their names are Abigail Lorraine Hensel and Brittany Lee Hensel. The sisters who share a body but have 2 heads are dicephalic paraphagus twins. Born 7th March 1990, their parent rejected the option of separating them after hearing from doctors that it was not likely for both girls to survive the operation.

The Hensel twins have a single body with separate head and neck, a chest that is wider than normal, 2 hearts, 2 arms and 2 legs.
In conversation and personalities the twins are clearly distinct persons with distinct likes and dislikes. Their preference in food, clothing and color differs too.
Despite the curiosity that their condition has generated, the Hensel twins have managed to live private life with relatively little press attention.

Now this article got me thinking..... We find it extremely difficult to live with each other, we are quick to complain when we don't get things done our way. I can imagine the unconditional love this twins have for each other, sharing their illness, pain, happiness, joy.....  
The uncertainty about their future, not sure if they'll find true love.  
Reading this was truly an eye-opener and a message for complete acceptance of ourselves. God didn't make us with flaws, we sometimes see our imperfection as flaws but He made us all GOOD. 

PS: It does feel good to be back.