Friday, 20 April 2012

Thots For Today

Today we have higher buildings and wider highways,
but shorter temperament and narrower points of view.

We spend more, but enjoy less.
We have bigger houses, but smaller families.
We have more knowledge, but less judgement.
We have more medicine, but less health.

We have multiplied  our possessions,
but reduced our values.
We talk much,
We love only a little,
and we hate so much.

We've reached the moon and came back,
but we find it troublesome to cross our own street and meet our neighbours.
We have conquered space, but not our inner space.

We have higher income but less morals...
These are times with more liberty, but less joy...
With more  food, but less nutrition....

These are days in which two salaries come home, but divorces increase.
These are times of finer houses but more broken homes.

That's why i propose that as of today;
Do not keep anything for a special occasion because every day that you live is a special occasion.
Search for knowledge, read more.
Sit on your front porch and admire the view.
Spend more time with your family.
Eat your favorite food.
Visit the place you love.
Life is a chain of moments of enjoyment; it isn't only survival.

Use your crystal goblets.
Do not save your best perfume... use it every time you feel you want it.
Take out vocabulary phrases like "one of these days" and "someday".
Write that letter, call or text that friend now!
Let's tell our families and friends how much we love them.
Never pass up a chance of adding laughter and joy to your life.
Every day, every hour , every hour is special because it can be your very last.

A Book To Read

I'm so excited, got my first blog giveaway. Usually very terrible at winning gifts but this just dropped on my laps without doing much *grins*.

The first freebie i ever won was an OMO t-shirt abbout 15 years back (Lever brothers had some form of promo then), and i smiled and glowed all day. I can vividly remember the UPS man. He parked his bike in front of our house, briskly walked to the gate, and asked for yours truly. I actually felt like a celebrity that day.

 I've read some of Atilola stories and she's a great writer, click here: Atilola

Here is a sneak preview on her latest book:

A preview from ‘In My Pocket’

‘Goshe – A short form of Shokolokobangoshe
Scenario 2
Mummy Bobo: Olowo ori mi (owner of my head), how was that favourite food of yours that I made for you? I am sure you enjoyed it. I have come to tell you about Bobo, your son. He is about to write his SSCE exams. The other day, I heard my senior wife bragging to her cousin that kola, her son, made all his papers two years ago because he is hardworking and brilliant. She then said she is sure Bobo will do the opposite and fail woefully. Olowo ori mi, please, don't let my enemies laugh at me. I know you can help me get the exam questions on the eve of every exam paper. This is the only way Bobo will be able to prove her wrong and shut her mouth forever. Daddy Bobo, you always say you love me more than my senior wife and if you really mean that, you will not let her have the last laugh over me.

Chief Goshe: Woman! Woman!! Woman!!! I have always warned you about this Bobo of a boy, but you will never listen to me. You spoil him too much, I hope he won't be the source of your downfall in future. Anyway, I will give you what you request, after which he will go to the UK to start his foundation course. You better warn your son to buckle up now, because there is no way I will fly over to meet David Cameron to organize exam papers by the time he gets to the UK. A word is enough for the wise. For now, the exam questions are not a problem. I have the education sector IN MY POCKET!
Scenario 3
Oloyinbo: (Getting up from his two minutes prostration, which Chief Goshe acknowledged by massaging his head with the sole of his left foot, he then starts hailing loudly) Baba Goshe, Baba mi, you will live long, your enemies will not see their children. Anyone that says it will not be well with you, it won't be well with them too.
Baba mi, the time has come. I need your help seriously. It’s time for the councillor election for the local constituencies. As I told you last year, I intend to contest and since I have adopted you as my political father, who else will I run to but you? Baba Goshe, don't worry about my credentials. The minimum requirement is the SSCE result and I have already sorted that out with some boys and now have my results. All I need now is your backing and support. Baba mi, I am in your hand now o.

Chief Goshe: Oloyinbo, my nephew, see your mango head like that of my father. You want to run for councillor, hmm? I thought you were joking when you mentioned it last year. I hope you know the implications of what you are doing? The politics of our time is not for the lily-livered at all. You have to be on your toes at all times. Be ready to make friends and enemies, be ready to do anything to protect your political career and even your life from political detractors. It’s a dog eat dog world and make sure you are ready for all the consequences. You should have just accepted the business I offered to set up for you, but you youths of nowadays have been bitten by the get-rich-quick bug. Since you insist, I will help you. I will take you to a meeting tomorrow, where you will meet some powerful people. But know this one thing, you must not, in turn, bite the fingers of these powerful people, including mine, when you win. You will have to dance to their tunes. Otherwise, the ground will have no choice but to reject you.
After tomorrow, your victory is a done deal. Even if you don't contest, you have won! It’s a done deal, I have the electoral system IN MY POCKET!

Scenario 4
Sisi Peperempe: (After a steamy sex session) Honey boy, cookie crumble, sweetie, darling, sugar! I need your assistance o. You remember my youngest brother, Dodoyo, he's in Anti-graft commission’s custody. He was arrested last week
(Kissing his fat filled pot belly). They said he posed as a minister and defrauded some companies. You know the story of my family and how Dodoyo and I had to see ourselves through life by all means possible. He's the only family I have. We have gone through so much and he doesn't deserve jail time or to lose all he has worked for. (Pouting her lips, with permanent red lipstick on) Baby boo, you must help Dodoyo or else ehn...

Chief Goshe: Sisi Peperempe! C'mon, rest your little head. Why are you worrying yourself over nothing? I am disappointed in the way you keep worrying and emphasizing on this issue. After the three years of us playing this 'love game', you still worry about these little things. Before you start your rants again, don't worry I forgive you. I guarantee you that it is settled. Give me a maximum of two days, Dodoyo will get out of custody and all his frozen assets will be returned. Plus the anti-graft commission, plus the person that created the anti-graft commission, I have them all IN MY POCKET!

Scenario 5
Mr. Sinwonje: (Smacking his stomach during a meal of Suya and bottles of Lager beer at a popular elite club in Abuja) Chief Goshe, what are you going to do about this latest development now? I think Mr. President is serious about this power thing this time around o. If those Japanese people dare sign that contract of the electricity overhaul in this country, that line of business is over for me o, and you know that means you will also lose your regular cut. Hmm, Goshe, this is not good news at all. That is my major income-generating business and I use it to keep body and soul, Princess and Priscilla together. Imagine that this whole country, Nigeria, will not need generators or diesels to make their life easier. This is serious disaster. I will do anything to make it fail….Read the rest of this and a lot more in your copy of Antonyms of a Mirage

The e-book is for sale on amazon and for kindle owners. To purchase the book on amazon, click below:
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Now back to my freebie.....

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Happy Easter

How was the Easter break, y’all? Mine was great *grins*.  Well, it’s usually great when I can decide to wake or sleep anytime I please. No disturbance from any shrilly alarm clock and no thought of work.
I was involved in lots of church activities almost everyday (with some groove too!)

Most people prefer Christmas to Easter season but I particularly like Easter season. The triduum activity from Good Friday to Easter Sunday is what I actively look forward to. The death and resurrection of Christ is a deep and contemplative season for me. I’m reminded of Christ immense love and sacrifice or our sins. 

For some years we always watch the Mel Gibson’s “Passion of  Christ” movie on the Good Friday evenings. Irrespective of the number of times I’ve watched the movie I can’t seem to control the tears from pouring as we watch the movie. Always develop a drippy nose after. Scenes such as the betrayal by his disciples and followers, the scourging at the pillar, the agony you could see in his mother eye's and final crucifixion makes me weep. As usual it was sob; sob, sob and firm resolve to love him more.

On Easter Sunday night, I did what I didn’t do throughout my 7 years in the University I queued up for a show. Got to Eko Hotel the venue for the show and saw a long queue of eager Nigerians rushing and struggling to get in. Was almost tempted to ask if they gave out hundreds of free tickets and maybe I missed out on it. The holiday was having its toll on everyone we were all looking for some form of excitement. Got in line and fed my eyes with some outrageous clothes Naija babes wear all in the name of fashion.  Most of the female were scantily dressed, revealing either their cleavages or lengthy thighs or both. It seemed like the most indecent dressed will get a price and there was thousands auditioning for the grand price. The show was hilarious. Had maximum fun laughing, at a point I saw myself on the floor.

Eventually ended the long weekend more tired than how I was when it all started. Back to work again and anxiously longing for the weekend.