Friday, 1 February 2013

What Men Want

Well  i know the internet is already agog with stories about " How to please a  man", "How to make sure your boyfriend pops the question", "Ways to keep him coming back and asking for more". Usually i don't bother my small head with such issues but lately the rate at which marriages hit the rock is increasing by the day and gradually becoming serious cause for concern.

Men feel women are difficult to understand and are very complex beings.  But men sef get small wahala. So..... what keeps men happy? Surely not our flawless make-up or Brazilian weave (although these may help sometimes). Alcohol/ Beer? Big boobs? Great sex? Well..... though they may never have enough of them, that's may not be what's keeping them in a relationship. Stumbled on this and will like to share. Men want 3 As and 1S.

  1.  Appreciation.
  2. Acknowledgment.
  3. Affection.
  4. Space. 

All men wants to be Appreciated. Sometimes even more than a woman. And this appreciation unfortunately doesn't end in the living room or dining table, or after giving you allowance for upkeep. They want to be appreciated for their performance in bed as well. In fact it boost their ego as well.

Acknowledge what they have done for you. This is actually an extension of the first one. But acknowledging small things they have done gives their morale and ego a great boost. If he makes coffee when you have breakfast, or use the duvet to cover you up properly, thank him and acknowledge his deeds - possibly in front of others as well! He'll definitely want to do more.

Be Affectionate.  Don't think men like to be nurtured. Well.....their way could be completely different from a woman's. They need to be cuddled and pampered, but please ladies just in little doses. You know how too much curry/ knorr cubes makes the stew taste funny, same thing here. Show it in subtle ways like making their evening drink or a massage when he looks particularly tired one evening.

S for SPACE. The S-factor plays a very important role. All men cherish their own space. Don't be a watch dog following him everywhere. They need their own time out; be it reading or watching TV. Also, it is important they go on guy dates. Time away with his friends is as important to him as shopping with your besties is to a woman. Give him his space (occasionally) and he'll dote on you for life.

Welcome to a Fab February.