Monday, 4 June 2012

A Black Weekend

My weekend was horrible, guess it was same for over a million Nigerians.
My heart bleeds at the tremendous loss.

It started on Friday afternoon with a broadcast on my phone about multiple accidents on Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

Saturday at 7:10pm, it was a plane crash. A cargo airplane leaving Lagos for Accra. The crew of four people on board all survived the accident but unfortunately the aircraft collided with a minivan and resulting in death of 10 people./

As if that was not enough on Sunday morning we heard of yet another painful incident. The Islamic sect Boko Haram again struck. This time it was a Harvest church at Yelwa Borno  State,  about 15 lives were lost. Reports said that the bomber drove a Honda car into the church, sandwiched between Deeper Life Bible Church and Living Faith Church. The bomber detonated the bomb killing himself and the guards at the church

The one  that affected me most was the Dana flight 9J-992 that crashed at about 3:43pm in Lagos (Iju-Agbado area) yesterday, 153 passengers + cabin crew members died. I refused to look at any pictures yesterday and didn't see any sense in rebroadcasting images. Today, looking at some of the pictures made me weep.
Imagine those caught in the plane screaming and watching their body burn makes me weak.
Imagine the state of confusion and total helplessness.
Imagine the little ones asking their momma " Are we gonna die?" That tears me apart.
Imagine the terror going through the pilot's mind knowing that the plane will crash.
Imagine the fear not sure what will be next, if they'll be rescued or drift to the great beyond.

Dana Air Crash 03/06/12

The future seems bleak but we have to keep moving on.
You travel by road, a tanker can catch fire.
You attempt to travel by air, plane crashes.
You sit in your house, plane can come crash on your roof.
You go to church, you're afraid Boko Haram will attack.
You run to your village, get ready to bear the risk of been kidnapped.
Please God help us.

I have been thinking these couple of days about stuff.  My life....... My country..... My friends............. My family.............. My God.

What is it God trying to tell us in all of this?


  1. signz Of end tym!......atary

    1. We all have to be ready cos we don't know the day or hour when our time on earth will be up. Live each day as your last.

  2. Safety is not guaranteed to anybody. We just have to ask God to keep us safe,

    1. Yes o. Still in some form of shock.

  3. i totally feel you on this. as the old saying goes, the only certain things in life are death and taxes.

    this is beyond a tragedy. i keep thinking about the victims' final thoughts.....i believe there were entire nuclear families (parents and kids) on that flight that perished. the news in the UK has been overshadowed by the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

    i will grieve and pray for all of them, but at the end of the day will the aviation authority learn from this? there have been 7 major aviation incidents since 1992; this is the worst since 1992.

    dana airlines has been suspended, but it's not just that.....there has to be better supervision of purchasing airlines, better inspections before take off.

    all I can do is pray to God x

    1. Agree with you on this. The suspension of Dana airline and Director general Nigeria civil Aviation Authority is not enough. I sincerely hope the aviation industry learn a lot from this senseless avoidable disaster.