Friday, 7 June 2013

Detachment...... Hanging on to things loosely


I saw a strange sight one morning as i rushed to work. A young well dressed aesthetically built woman was in her car in traffic waiting for the red light to turn green. When it turned green and the cars began to move, a "danfo" commercial bus driver overtook her and possibly "grazed" her car. She was out of the car in a flash and pursued the bus on barefoot. As soon as the bus driver saw her coming, he left the queue and overtook the other cars and sped off. This did not end her pursuit, she ran as fast as she could onto the other side of the road (Thank God that at that time there were no cars coming from that direction!). She only stopped this pursuit when the car joined the main road and then she came panting backwards.

I leave to your imagination the traffic chaos she had caused for the 3-5 minutes she was in hot pursuit. Cars could not move, horns were blaring.......
I just watched the whole scenario in absolute utter disbelief. Throughout this pursuit, the car door was open, the engine was on and the key was in the ignition. I couldn't help wondering what "Aunty"would have done if one guy with nerves of steel had attempted to solve the traffic jam by helping "Aunty" remove the car albeit.....permanently.

I was at a loss for words because over the years i have learnt to hold on to material things loosely.
I have learnt that the most important thins of life are largely irreplaceable. They are usually taken for granted and they include things like life, good health, peace, joy, the love and respect of friends and family, a realistic sense of one's worth or value, goodwill, a good name............. These cannot be qualified in monetary terms and when lost, are not easy to replace.

"Aunty" could have fractured a leg or been hit by a car while running after this commercial vehicle. The pride of her life "her car" could have been hit by other cars or been "borrowed" by a good Samaritan for safe keeping. Her reaction showed me the immense value she placed on replaceable material things.
It reminded me to hold on tightly to the things that matter and loosely to those things that only have pecuniary value. I'm learning to lay up my treasures where neither moth or rust doth corrupt.