Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Back at last

Hey all
It definitely feels good to be back. Had major issues with my starcomms modem and the wi-fi at work just decided to go off as well. Miss reading all ya blogs.

Guess i have to catch up on all the interesting gist ASAP.

Had a nasty experience this morning just outside my office. Saw this young female trying to cross the road (its actually a very busy one), unfortunately there was a careless  driver obviously in a hurry. It happened so fast i actually don't know who to place the blame on but the driver will definitely get the bulk of this.He practically shoved the lady off the road, as if that wasn't pathetic enough, he didn't stop to check if anyone got hurt. She tripped and fell down, in his bid to make a quick exit the lady got stuck to bottom of the car. The next scene was horrific...... The driver sped off with the lady lying almost lifeless attached to the bottom of the car. The driver was oblivious of what was happening and dragged the lady 5 blocks away before he realized something was wrong. She was eventually rushed to the hospital. I was in shock most part of the morning, angry at the carelessness and insensitivity of the driver. I pray she survives it.


  1. Oh my gosh. This is so sad

  2. The driver didn't stop because of all the wahala that he would have to endure;shouts from bystanders, hospital, police report etc and now he has worse on his hands.

    Welcome back dear.

  3. Had nightmares about the incident. It was terrible.

  4. hmmm..only bloggerz xchangin comments bookmark diz blog....atary nice name aunt!

  5. Now the guy got more than he bargained for...this is terrible and sad. The driver is actually insensitive and wicked

  6. Mehn! that's crazy! Feel so terrified at the image in my head. I really pray she does survive it. My God never fails.