Thursday, 1 March 2012

Welcome to 'Blogging'

This is going to be my very first post here......
I define myself as a classic "reader", because i can read almost anything. My reading material can range from trashy magazines, autobiographies, very old newspapers, manual from products, interesting bestseller, boring journals....... I particularly enjoy reading people's blog, i do this with a BIG grin on my face ( sometimes laughing at some of their escapades and other times crying at their pain). 

Writing is not really my thing but this is a new year, with new possibilities and new resolutions, so viola! Here goes......
This is the new re-branded and re-packaged ME.
Hope u"ll enjoy reading and as much as i enjoy struggling with it.


  1. Welcome on here. I am sure you will have fun.

  2. Welcome to blogsville! I'm relatively new as well. I'm sure you will have fun here.