Friday, 23 March 2012


In the course of my daytime job (my recent night time job is surfing the net), I've come in contact with needles; from syringes to lancets. Using needles has never given me any cause for concern but heard this news last night that made me a little restless.

At the State Teaching Hospital yesterday a young doctor passed on. He graduated some years back from a prestigious medical school in the United States, got married to his heart throb (a gorgeous Pharmacist). They both decided to travel back home to Nigeria with plans to possibly relocate. In Nigeria, University graduates have to undergo a one-year youth  service program, to serve the community and make a positive impact in the communities they get posted to. The couple decided to serve their motherland and was posted to the State Teaching Hospital. They were both enjoying their stay but this all took a drastic turn yesterday. I can virtually imagine the couple having breakfast, giving each other a quick kiss on the lips and saying a hasty goodbye not knowing that may be the last.

At the OPD (Out Patient Department), he had to attend to so many patients one of which was a HIV infected patient.
Maybe he got negligent because of the large crowd he had to attend to.
Maybe he was just distracted.
Maybe it was meant to be.
Unfortunately, in the course of giving an injection he mistakenly pricked himself with the syringe used for the patient. Its natural to panic after such exposure and its custom practice to give a prophylactic injection. Almost immediately Antiretroviral postexposure  prophylaxis was given. He developed severe allergic reaction to the injection and started swelling all over. All the consultants tried all they could to resuscitate him to no avail. In less than 10 minutes, the young bubbling doctor slipped on........Still in shock about it all.
Would it have been better if he hadn't taken the injection instead?

All health care practitioners should always ensure test dose is given to all patients before giving any IV/ IM injection.
Preserve life, not end it.

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  1. This is really sad. I pray God comforts his family.
    It reminds me of a true life movie about nurses pricking themselves with needles and how one man invented a type of injection that pumps and doesn't prick or something, but hospitals kept rejecting the invention cos of corruption high up. Can't remember the title.