Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hey all

How's the week going? Hope the weekend went well.
Mine was activity packed. Had to attend a conference Thursday-Saturday. Lots of talk, talk, and more talk. It went well though. Made new friends and strengthened some old ones.

Sunday was my niece birthday. She turned 8 (can't believe she's 8 already). Its seems like yesterday when i held her in my arms and now she's beginning to dab my lipsticks on and play dress-up with my clothes.
Her name is Rukky (full name is Oghenerukeme-means God has given me or God's gift to me).

There's some form of strange flu going round in Lagos. Almost everybody i know has either catarrh or cough or both. Almost escaped it but my chest feels kinda funny.  My siblings are not left out too, Rukky's mum had a mild fever so she was banned from the kitchen-related activities. 

We had a small get-together for the birthday gal and cos i'm the most fit person around i was the cook, photographer, DJ and MC. Fortunately, it was just about 10 kids that came visiting so it wasn't stressful.

The celebrant-Rukky

Lunch time........

Time to cut the cake. I think i ruined the edge of the cake when getting it out of the box. She specifically said she didn't want cake with "childish" characters.

Chocolate + vanilla cake. Yummy

Hip hip hip, hurray!!!

Time to dance......
No 1 dancer, break-dancing

Hope your weekend went well too.


  1. Happy birthday to your niece in arrears

  2. happy birthday to your niece babes...wishing her God's best in life

  3. Cute shidren. Happy birthday to your beautiful niece!

  4. It sure pays to be healthy and able to multi-task. I totally get you on how time flies. I know that feeling

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  6. Hi guys...
    It’s nice to be a friend with you.
    But may give you somethings special.
    You should to try it. It’s free, friends.

  7. Oh my, know this is late but, gosh I remember her so well. Life just flies by us. Looks like she had a great and joyful day. I wish her many more blessed years!