Friday, 21 September 2012


Dear Emma,

There are no words to describe the utter grief that i still feel now, and i cannot possibly imagine the shock and sorrow that has been thrust on your family as well.

It still feels like a nightmare and i need to wake up!

I remember your optimistic attitude to life
Just once you asked;
"Are you sure i can make this?"

I was quick to say "Of course"
Usually i'm a realist but you made me believe again.
You struggled for over 5 years
You struggled with cancer, but you were never angry.
You took each day at a time
Believing and hoping all will be well.

I've known you for about 3 years
but the lesson i learnt from your life is worth more that 6 years in college
You were a loving and caring friend
Constantly calling to check on your friends
when we should be the one making those calls
You always had a listening hear
with a strong shoulder to lean on

I remember going to visit you at LUTH when you had chemotherapy about 2 years ago
The way you laughed and made a small deal of the medical procedures
and jokingly said "This people wan use chemo kill person o"
How you told Austa and I tales of all the other male patients in your ward
You made us laugh long and hard
You eventually traveled to India last year
stayed there for over 6 months
You called regularly applauding the medical service you were receiving there
How the chemo had minimal side effects
cos it wasn't affecting your appetite at all
How you'll call just to tell me what mummy made for lunch
I remember you made me promise to make you starch and 'owo' soup when you got back
You got back with a healthy glow on your face
You even made me lunch when i came to visit.
I remember your constant shy smiles
healthy appetite for food,
deep love for God.
I remember.....

Sometime last month you called
You mentioned you were going back to India
I asked if there was a problem
You were quick to reassure me
You said it was just routine check up
It was 6 months after your last visit so i understood
This time you were traveling alone(without your mum) cos it was to be a very short visit
You were very enterprising and was even planning it to be a business trip
You asked if i needed anything, they make lovely saris there
I said "No"
I should have said I needed you to come back

Usually when you travel you always keep in touch
you call.... you send sms...... facebook messages.... facebook chat....
This last visit was different
Over a week and no call
I tried your line you had in India it was switched off
I got excited, assumed you're already back
Then tried your mtn line it was off
Decided to drop a message on facebook
Just to see a few messages saying "RIP Emmanuel"
My heart literally stopped!!!

Emma, why didn't you call to say goodbye
Everybody miss you
Your mum is devastated
Your siblings are crying uncontrollably
Its over a week now but the pain is still fresh
You were  barely 33

I am not angry anymore
I was angry for some days but that has faded into some sort of acceptance.
I still occasionally dial  your number....
You're gone to a better place and i pray we'll meet someday
I miss you Emma.

Adieu dear friend


  1. I lost an aunt to cancer, so I know who it feels...may the good God grant him eternal rest.

  2. wow!!! sad..felt chills down my spine
    dnt hav much to say bt i know it is well hunnie

  3. Sorry for your loss. May the Holy Spirit comfort you and everyone he's affiliated with.

  4. first time here...

    HUGS...warm tight hugs, comforting you.

    i cant say I understand how you feel but you are in my prayers may God's amazing grace comfort you and his family...

    thanks for following me..

  5. I understand how you feel. It gets better. May his soul rest in peace *hugs*

  6. so sad...u are indeed a true friend! can imagine what u guys are going through.
    i lost someone that means the whole world to me to cancer., he also spent 5months in columbia asia hospital,india.
    it's not easy, i must confess...i pray God strengthens u all.

  7. #Hugs#speechless.its okay...u'll be fine

  8. sorry dear. may his soul rest in peace

  9. Sorry dear for your loss. Take heart and be strong.. May his soul rest with the Lord.

  10. Very touching post.
    Warm and heartfelt condolences to the family.

  11. Thanks all for the hugs and condolence messages.
    We pray Emma's soul rest in perfect peace.

  12. hello luv, i just passed down the versatile blog award to you. visit my blog for more details..
    thanks and xoxo