Thursday, 12 April 2012

Happy Easter

How was the Easter break, y’all? Mine was great *grins*.  Well, it’s usually great when I can decide to wake or sleep anytime I please. No disturbance from any shrilly alarm clock and no thought of work.
I was involved in lots of church activities almost everyday (with some groove too!)

Most people prefer Christmas to Easter season but I particularly like Easter season. The triduum activity from Good Friday to Easter Sunday is what I actively look forward to. The death and resurrection of Christ is a deep and contemplative season for me. I’m reminded of Christ immense love and sacrifice or our sins. 

For some years we always watch the Mel Gibson’s “Passion of  Christ” movie on the Good Friday evenings. Irrespective of the number of times I’ve watched the movie I can’t seem to control the tears from pouring as we watch the movie. Always develop a drippy nose after. Scenes such as the betrayal by his disciples and followers, the scourging at the pillar, the agony you could see in his mother eye's and final crucifixion makes me weep. As usual it was sob; sob, sob and firm resolve to love him more.

On Easter Sunday night, I did what I didn’t do throughout my 7 years in the University I queued up for a show. Got to Eko Hotel the venue for the show and saw a long queue of eager Nigerians rushing and struggling to get in. Was almost tempted to ask if they gave out hundreds of free tickets and maybe I missed out on it. The holiday was having its toll on everyone we were all looking for some form of excitement. Got in line and fed my eyes with some outrageous clothes Naija babes wear all in the name of fashion.  Most of the female were scantily dressed, revealing either their cleavages or lengthy thighs or both. It seemed like the most indecent dressed will get a price and there was thousands auditioning for the grand price. The show was hilarious. Had maximum fun laughing, at a point I saw myself on the floor.

Eventually ended the long weekend more tired than how I was when it all started. Back to work again and anxiously longing for the weekend. 


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